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NetDriverEd's operating system is automated and paperless making life much easier for you.

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Why NetDriverEd?

NetDriverEd is the most unique driver education software provider, it has been built on a foundation of driver education industry experience since 1998. NetDriverEd can help your driver education school run more efficiently by providing paperless internal management processes, online scheduling, and automated communications with instructors and students.

Automated and streamlined driver education software

We know what it takes to manage a driver education school efficiently. NetDriverEd offers the best customer experience as well as automation to run your driver education school successfully with minimal effort. NetDriverEd automatically completes required state forms, and provides a simplistic online classroom and behind the wheel scheduling system for your instructors and customers.

Using the most state of the art technology to make your life easier

We are the best software provider for the driver education industry. We use what Fortune 500 companies use with integrations throughout NetDriverEd via Twilio, DocuSign, AutoBrain and Amazon Web Services to name a few. All of these are API plug-ins we have incorporated into NetDriverEd to help your driver education school operate with more autonomy, allowing you and your employees more time to focus on teaching future safe drivers

Secure payment for your customers

We secure both your schools and customers' bank as well as payment processing information with Stripe, which is used by Google, Amazon, Uber, Lyft and many, many more. As a great partner of NetDriverEd, they make sure your customers' payment information is protected.

Secure passwords, encryption, data backup

We secure your school and customers personal data and information, making it our top priority, always!

Watch Us Work

Stop scrambling to communicate with students, their parents and your instructors about behind the wheel lesson bookings, rescheduling or cancellations, due to unforeseen circumstances, weather or whatever else.

In any situation, NetDriverEd automated scheduling system will take care of notifying all involved throughout the scheduling process with automatically generated emails as well as text messages throughout their overall driver education classroom as well as behind the wheel experiences with your company.

We make sure that there is never a lack of communication when using NetDriverEd automated scheduling system.

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Calculate Your Savings

Calculate your approximate savings resulting from NetDriverEd platform.

Time spend on scheduling

Time spend on state compliance

Total students per month


Hourly cost of your staff


Time spend on managing each vehicle


Total hours spending in a month


Total hours saved by NetDriverEd per month*


Dollars saved per month


Dollars saved per year

*Generally NetDriverEd reduces the manual work by as much as 90% but we'll just figure on a conservative 50% savings on time

Our Pricing

As every school is different, so we offer custom pricing for each school based on the usage.

Basic Package


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  • Business online presence on marketplace
  • Online customer registration & enrolment
  • Automated compliance process
  • Administration & Instructor portal access
  • Customer (Student/Parent) portal access
  • Student & Staff management
  • Owner reports dashboard
  • Multi-Location business
  • Security passwords, encryption, data backup
  • Online software training with how-to videos, manuals and FAQ's

Starter Package

$2.50 per student

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  • Includes everything in a FREE package
  • Online payment integration
  • Online Behind the Wheel Scheduling
  • Full administration & instructor portal access
  • Advanced reporting system for operational and financial needs (access to 30+ reports)
  • Automatic student address verification
  • Basic email support (2 tickets in a week)

Standard Package

$5 per student

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  • Includes everything in a starter package
  • Paperless solution for state compliance
  • Automatic state completion certificate creation
  • Digital signatures for company forms & contracts using DocuSign
  • Auto email/text notifications to students, parents, and instructors (20+ different notifications including enrolment, reminders, scheduling and billing-related notifications)
  • Custom templates for email and text notifications
  • Email support (5 tickets in a week)

Premium Package

$7 per student

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  • Includes everything in a standard package
  • Custom website development
  • Vehicle management system (Usage, Odometer, Fuel, Issue and Maintenance Tracking)
  • Automated slot-filling on driving lesson cancellations
  • Contact center integration via AWS Connect (Coming Soon)
  • Payroll integration with QuickBooks (Coming Soon)
  • GPS & Diagnostics integration for vehicle fleet via AutoBrain (Coming Soon)
  • Email & Phone support (10 tickets in a week)

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NetDriverEd's operating system is automated and paperless making life much easier for you.

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